Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coffee Time Minutes 13.3.13

Who we are? 
Small and Home Business owners meeting to build relationships from other SBO’s.

What is CT?
Relatively casual meeting group, where you can network, talk about business ideas and strategies, and learn from one another.

Tuggerah’s Zenith Centre.

At 10.30 am on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month.  Arrival 10.25 am for 10.30 am start. (Runs for about 1 hour)


Update on our Raffle?
Today we raised $18, bringing the total this year raised $18 (including this week’s total) for this year for the Iris Foundation in 2013. Over the past 4 years we have raised $2000 for the prevention of suicide.

This year we will continue with our Raffles and donation to Iris Foundation. This year we will do a raffle again for the Iris Foundation. We will be looking for prizes/donations up to the value of $10. Its will be up to you if you would like to participate and none should feel obliged. Tickets will be $2 each, or three for $5.

Coffee Time Networking:
·         Coffee Time – 10th April
·         Coffee Time – 8th May – Grant Pavett speaking
·         Coffee Time – 12th June
·         Coffee Time – 10th July
·         Coffee Time – 14th August
·         Coffee Time – 9th October
·         Coffee Time – 13th November
·         Coffee Time – 11th December + Christmas Luncheon

Other Networking:
·         BWC (Business Women’s Connect) Ladies Luncheons on once a month. For more information contact Kym Williams
·         SWN (Success Women’s Network) Ladies luncheons are on once a month at The Edge Café, Zenith. For more information contact Corrine
·         B2B Networking - contact Suzy or Lyn for more information.
·         SBNG – meetings on Fridays around the coast. Meet at Tuggerah on the 3rd Friday of the month. For more information check out the website.

What’s coming up
·         Buy Local Festival – 24th and 25th May at Erina’s Impact centre. To book in contact Lyn or Suzy
·         Slither and Slumber – on at Amazement on the 15th March.

·         The BEC runs courses and mentoring for home and small businesses. For assistance contact Darren, Debbie or Lynne
·         Courses coming up are:
·         Setting up a successful online store – 20th March
·         Pricing your product – 3rd April
·         Brilliant results – Improve your content for websites and marketing material – 10th April
·         Social Media Domination for small business – the basics – 1st May
·         Social Media Domination for small business – advanced  – 15th May
·         Grants Writing, Fundraising and Volunteer Management – 22nd May
·         Business Planning for Growth – Part A – 29th May
·         Business Planning for Growth – Part B – 5th June
·         Get your business noticed online – 12th June
·         Modern selling Techniques – Part A – 19th June
·         Modern Selling Techniques – Part b – 26th June
·         Marketing Roadmap to Success – 17th July
·         BEC also has a membership aswell

Today’s Attendees

Tarnia Gurney
Gurney Financial Services www.gurneyfinancialservices.com.au
Planningwerx4U www.planningwerx4u.com.au

Bev and Dawn
Iris Foundation www.irisfoundation.org.au

Jahne Peart
Exploring Names jahne@hotcollections.com.au

Rachel Dillon
Promo Creative promocreative1@gmail.com

Simon Calder
BVO Hunter/Central Coast

Chris Macauley
Macauley by design www.maculeybydesign.com.au

Gem Candles www.gemcandles.com.au
Intimate Whispers www.intimatewhispers.com.au

Nicolette Gregory

Toni Fountain

Christina Fletcher
In2meC Coaching - Email: in2meccoaching@gmail.com

John Christoforou
Green Index - Email john.christofou@gmail.com

Natalie Williams
ET Australia www.etaustralia.com

Paul McCarthy

Patrick Zuluaga

Gennie Nevinson

Rodney Nobel
Wyong Shire Real Estate www.wyongshirerealestate.info


Patrick – become a Grandfather
Christina – has joined the Insight Health team, working 2 day a week
Iris Foundation – has had advertising on Seafm 2GO Express and NBN
Nicolette – another award for photography
Leanna – her adult app with Itunes being approved
Tarnia – shed 15 kilos
Tarnia - Nominated and Accepted onto the BEC Board and is the secretary.

Todays Discussion

9 ways to improve your business – By Toyne Business Associates

1.    The turnover of your business is made up of just 3 factors;
·         The number of customers you have,
·         The number of times those customers buy from you, and
·         The average value of each sale you make to them

By increasing any of all of these factors… you increase your turnover.

Do you know these figures for your business?
2.       Identify what makes the product or service you sell, different from your competitors... then tell EVERYONE.

Customers buy the differences they perceive. So you need to have them thinking what you want, when they make a buying decision.

3.       Referrals are the most cost effective form of marketing and often provide the most converted leads to sales.

Do you have a system for measuring, rewarding and maximising the referrals to your business?

What networking activities are you involved in enabling you to receive referrals?

Do you ask your current customers for referrals?

4.       Use the first sale to a customer as a lead in for future sales.

It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Identify what further sales you can make to the customer e.g. maintenance items, add on products or more sales of the same product.

5.       Keep a current data base of your existing, past and potential customers.

Not only does this allow follow up sales to be made easily (for previous tip), it allows you to keep in contact with your customers. You can spend your marketing budget efficiently if you can target your customers. It will also allow you to keep your name in the minds of your customers.

6.       Discounting your price focuses customers on the cost of your services. It gives them only one reason to buy from you… and a reason that can and will be matched by your competitors.

Look at adding value to product or services, so that customers can focus on the benefits of dealing with you. This will give customers more reason to buy from you again.

7.       Educate your clients.

Following on from the last tip. The more you tell your clients to enable them to make an informed purchase, the more likely they are to buy from you.. and the more likely that decision to buy won’t be based on price.

8.       Make it easy and fun for your customers to buy from you.

Find out what it is that customers dislike about dealing with businesses in your industry… and design your business so that your customers do not have to deal with those frustrations.

9.       Send out a newsletter to your customers and prospects.

This will help educate your clients, allow you to keep in touch with them, give you additional opportunities to sell to them and position you as an expert in your field.

Your database will allow you to effectively distribute the newsletter… especially if you collect customers’ email addresses.

Open Discussion
·  Testimonials
·  Asking from clients for phone numbers of referrals
·  Asking for referrals from friends and business
·  Networking
·  Identifying businesses that you can assist
·  Identifying businesses that can assist you
·  Paying for referrals
·  Having referral systems in place
·  Personal introduction to new referrals
·  Offering a guarantee
·  Putting in place systems such as a CRM (Client Relationship Manager)
·  Manage past, present and potential clients
·  Keeping in contact regularly with all
·  Sending a card for Christmas on the 26th November or 31st December
·  Disclose and explain what your costs are
·  Be confident
·  Matter of fact
·  Budgets – look at what a personal budget for the business owner is and then look at what the business needs to calculate the exact hourly rate
·  Written agreements or acceptance documents
·  Need to ensure schedule of what the offer is and what costs are involved

Thanks everyone for your participation, hope everyone got something out of it.

Planningwerx4u has Business Planning Cds for $50 each, if you would like one please let Tarnia know.

Today we raised $18 for Iris Foundation.

Thanks and see you next time

NEXT MEETING:                10th April - Arrive 10.25am for 10.30 start – sharp
                                                The Edge Café, Zenith Centre, Tuggerah

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